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Welcome to R.I.G.H.T.S
Reaching Individuals and Groups Helping Today's Society

We all have important ideas, things we care about and want to share. Sometimes our ideas can even change the world.

When we tried to find sites that had all the information in one place, they wanted us to pay for the information. We believe that activism is not for sale. You can't put a price tag on saving lives, saving this world, and doing good. My wife was the driving force behind this site, it was her baby, before she died in 2007. I keep this site going in her honor and memory. She believed as do I that this information should be free to all, and for that reason this site will remain free to everyone! We welcome comments and letters from anyone, and we will post any information that people send us as quickly as possible. We are dedicated to helping anyone who needs information. 

All of the following quotes are from the album Poseidon and the Bitter Bug by Indigo Girls.

"A thousand tides, a thousand waves, taking it all away. It'll come back in, we'll be gone by then, it's a miracle we ever learn to live." Salty South By Amy Ray

"I'm trying to remember the very last time I felt a simple thing going past." Digging For Your Dreams by Emily Saliers

"All the fir and fin will loose again because our better is their worse reckoning. And our fine feathered friends will sing until they bleed. How will we replace this symphony?" Sugar Tongue by Amy Ray

"All around us things come apart
Broken pieces, broken hearts.
Fix me, oil me, match me with the next best thing." Love of Our Lives by Emily Saliers

"Baby, if you took all the good stuff and put it all together
and took all the bad stuff and threw it all away
would I still be the girl that suits your fancy
would I still be the boy that rocks your world" True Romantic by Amy Ray

"Looking out across suburban yards to the construct of our days through the thinning of the trees." I'll Change by Emily Saliers

"Here's what I find about compromise- don't do it if it hurts inside
cause either way you're screwed, eventually you'll find you may as well feel good; you may as well have some pride." Second Time Around by Amy Ray

"What are you like?
My open door revolver
What are you like?
My go-to problem solver
You shine a light in the darkest corners of my mind." What Are You Like by Emily Saliers

"Tonight I'm gonna take that ride for the years we missed and the friends that died." Ghost of the Gang by Amy Ray

"When I was a girl
all of my fancy took flight
and I had this dream
could outshine anything
even the darkest night
now I wait like a widow for someone to come back from sea
I've always known
I was waiting for me." Fleet of Hope by Emily Saliers

"So if you get lonely for the trouble and the chaos; if you get bored since you walked away
remember what I told you, when the night was darkest,you can leave me all you need to, but I am here to stay" True Romantic by Amy Ray


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