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Independent Musicians

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Imagine a world where music is judged and based on talent. It's kind of hard to imagine isn't it, but that world does exist it's the world of Independent Music. In this world music is driven by talent, and raw passion. It's about the music not the money, not the fame, but simply the music.



Lindsay Fuller

Roxie Watson


Joy Zimmerman

Indigo Girls

Amy Ray


Cindy Egger

David Rovics

Utah Phillips

Casey Neill


Emma Wall

The Witching

Doria Roberts

Miranda Stone

Pamela Means

Alix Olson

Julie Clark

Michelle Malone


Jenny Toomey

Cowboy Envy

Ana Egge

Danielle Howle

Vinyl record

Imagine a record label run by artists not lawyers!!!
Daemon Records 10 years of Indie greatness!!!