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About Us

We think that knowing the people behind a organization is very important. This section will let you know a little more about us.

R.I.G.H.T.S was founded by Rowan and me Tinne (pronounced Tyne) in August of 2000. We are activists who did a ton of research for each of our causes and decided that it would be so great if we had some help. We wanted to find one place that provided information to help us. We couldn't. So we got mad. The places we did find wanted money; like we have that laying around. So we decided to start our own organization to help others for FREE!

This site is designed to give all you activists as much information as possible.  We work in our spare time; just like you. We write letters and make calls and do the research. We also work full-time. This site is FREE for all to use! We welcome feedback! All opinions are welcomed here and we are all for as much information as possible.

Peace and Action, 

Peace and Love,
Tinne (pronounced Tyne)