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Favorite Reflections

We have decided to change this page a little. We felt it was getting a little cluttered and hard to read so we are going to list the titles of the reflections below and you can request a copy of them via email by simply clicking on our names thank you.

Cherokee Lesbian article

Tinne's notes on kids and sex.

Human Rights In Canada.
Amy Ray's comments on Lesbian's in folk music.
Amy Ray October 1, 1998 - Clemson University.
Tinne's Reflection on life and death.
comments from Bill Maher's show on HBO.
Amy Ray's comments on activism.
Tinne's IG BBS rant.
Same-sex marriage

Rowan and Tinne

Mountains 2

"Speak even if your voice shakes"
One of Rowan's Bumperstickers

Rainbow and storm clouds