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Daemon Records

Daemon Records is a not-for-profit record label that is owned by Amy Ray. They are in need of some help from us. They really need our help any way we can.
I owe alot to Daemon and Amy and her singing partner Emily Saliers for it was them who first made me realize my love for music but also brought out the activist in me. I remember that night as if it were yesterday. Amy and Emily were playing a benefit concert in Lawrence, Kansas for Honor The Earth. At first I admit I went because of them but that night I walked away the actvists I am today. I signed all I could that night, then my wife and I came home and started RIGHTS. Later I did something that I am most proud of even to this day I officially became a member of the Cherokee Nation and all because Amy and Emily played that concert. They taught me everything I know about activism and the best way that I can repay them is to help Daemon the best I can and be the the best activist I know how to be.

Daemon Rules!!!
Daemon needs love and nurturing just like a flower in order to grow!!!

Daemon Records

Daemon Artists

Amy Ray

Rose Polenzani


Mrs. Fun


Paul Melancon

John Trudell

Gerard McHugh

Moto Litas

Nineteen-Fourty Five

Justin Hale


Danielle Howle and the Tantrums

ph Balance

Three Finger Cowby

Terri Binion

Ellen James Society

Grady Cousins

James Hall

Rock *A* Teens

New Mongrels


Band de Soleil

Reversing Hour

The Oblivious

Rowan and Tinne