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Independent Writing

Links for the independent writer!!!

I am always looking for more sites so if you know of any please let me know by clicking on my name at the bottom of the page thanks!

Literary Presses

Publishers Listings

Book Publishers

How To Get Your Poetry Published

Book Publishers Sites

World Publishing Industry

Poetry Publishers

Writer's Relief

E-Book Time

Oak Hill Press

Directory of Independent Writers and Artists

Unlimited Publishing


Buy Books On The Web

PageFree Publishing

Jenkins Group, Inc. custom book publishing

Consortium Distributed Publishers

Magazine Publishers of America

Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

Just Bookz

Independent Northern Publishers

Beacon Press

Guide to Independent Publishers

Top 101 Publishers


The Independent Publishers Guild

Independent Publishers Group

Brown Trout Publishers

The Traces Library

The Writing Place

Independent Radio Drama Productions

The Independent Mind

Independent Writing from high schoolers

All the Independent writing listed are the creative writing of the students of Logan County High School. Please do not copy any work from this site without the permission of the author of the piece.

Fatal Accident

Hey if your a writer and would like your work published and sent out to alot of people let me know we are looking for any kind of topic, radical, politics, to nature anything! if you are a writer let me know!

Rowan and Tinne